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Standard Membership Standard Membership with Partner* Concessional Membership Concessional Membership**
with Partner*
No Journal $40 $50 $25 $30
Economic Papers Only         $65 $75 $50 $55
Economic Record Only $65 $75 $50 $55
Economic Papers & Economic Record $90 $100 $75 $80

*Membership with Partner entitles the member to bring their spouse or partner to functions at no extra charge

** Concessional membership for the retired, unemployed, or full-time student

Please note that the membership subscription form  will become a tax invoice/receipt once you have made your payment. If you choose to renew your membership simply by making a transfer to the Society’s account, ensure your bank deposit has your name in the description, and pls send an email advising of your payment and your membership category.

Standard Membership - $40.00

Standard Membership with Partner - $50.00

Concessional Membership - $25.00

Concessional Membership with Partner - $30.00

Economic Papers Only - $0.00

Economic Record Only - $0.00

Economic Papers & Economic Record - $0.00

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