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Terms and Conditions

(i) Events and membership

Membership fees are not refundable unless the Economic Society of Australia (South Australia) Inc. (ESA South Australia) declines to accept an application for membership (as permitted under the rules of ESA South Australia) in which case the fees will be refunded.

Unless the registration form for a specific event explicitly contains alternative terms, full payment for an event must be made at the time of registration and refunds of payments for an event are not possible. However, a registration may be transferred to another person with notification to ESA South Australia at least 24 hours prior to the event.  In some cases additional fees may be payable (such as if the initial registrant paid a member rate but the registration is being transferred to a non-member) or there may be restrictions the person to whom the transfer can occur (such as in the case of member only events, in which case the transfer would need to be to another member).

ESA South Australia does not necessarily support the views expressed at events which it organises – in fact, as we see our role as encouraging debate, from time to time there will be material which with which we do not agree.

(ii) Website and emails

Use of this website and the material in it is governed by these terms and by the privacy policy of ESA South Australia.

Copyright on this website or email is strictly preserved. No part of the material covered by copyright should be copied or reproduced without the written permission of ESA South Australia except that use of the material for private study or research is permitted without such prior consent provided that the source of the material is acknowledged.

ESA South Australia does not necessarily support the views expressed in material on our website.

We do not represent, warrant or guarantee that this website, emails sent by ESA South Australia or on behalf of ESA South Australia (the Emails) are free of computer viruses or any other defects or interference or interception.  The material contained in this website or the Emails do not constitute financial, legal, accounting or other professional advice.

While all reasonable care has been taken in its preparation, ESA South Australia does not make any express or implied representations or warranties as to the completeness, reliability or accuracy of any material on the website or Emails.

To the extent permitted by law, ESA South Australia excludes any liability for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this website or Emails.

Any links to third-party websites are provided for convenience only and do not represent endorsement, sponsorship or approval of those third parties or the information included in third party websites.

South Australia

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